Vocational Training Center PEI

Study Programs in Politeknik Enjinering Indorama

A unique aspect of learning at PEI is the Vocational Training Center which houses DTY machines used in yarn production. This is a mini working factory with full range of activities involving raw material supply, processing, production, quality control, packing, inventory management, dispatch and EHS (Environment Health and Safety). Students are expected to actively participate in the Vocational Training Center so that they balance theoretical concepts and lab assignments with practical shop floor experience. Provision of high quality Vocational Training Centre has been appreciated by industry and DIKTI.


Profile of Mechanical Engineering Graduates

  • To produce Associate Degree (A.Md) who have the capability to perform mechanical maintenance and repair.
  • To produce graduates who have good attitudes and character and independent and have broad knowledge and insight in accordance with the present and future needs.
  • To produce research in the field of energy conversion, maintenance, and construction.
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Profile of Electrical Engineering Graduates

  • To produce graduates who are expertise in maintenance and repair management, operations on equipment, utilities and electrical networks and are capable to design, operate and maintain electrical automation systems in industry, especially manufacturing.
  • To produce graduates who have electricity and automation expertise in industries, especially manufacturing.
  • To produce professional graduates in the field of Applied Electrical Engineering in the manufacturing industry.
  • To develop research in the field of applied electrical engineering, especially in the manufacturing industrial.
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Profile of Mechatronics Graduates

  • To produce graduates who are capable of applying mechatronics engineering to solve process problems in industry.
  • To produce graduates with competence in computer applications, electronics and information systems with strong practical abilities.
  • To produce graduates who have integrity, sense of professionalism and responsibility for the benefit of society.
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Profile of Software Engineering Graduates

  • >>Software Developer
  • >>Software Analyst
  • >>Software Tester¬†
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