Vision & Mission

To create a world-class engineering polytechnic that can provide high-quality education combined with practical experience so students are fully prepared to join the workforce.


  • To support the society by developing educational institution with the latest curriculum, laboratory facilities, and teaching tools taught by quality lecturers.
  • To create qualified technical engineers in the field of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation  and computer with conceptual skills combined with practical and job experience.
  • To develop six core competencies: problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, productivity, quality-based focus, computer literacy, and English fluency.
  • To embed values and ethics for knowledge development broadly.


Strong Character 

  • Integrity  – To demonstrate a constant commitment to truth, honesty and actions based on morals that builds trust and character.
  • Leadership  – To aspire to become a professional leader through hard work, continuous improvement and leading by example.
  • Courage  – To develop self-confidence and the ability to take initiative and risk based on thorough evaluation of facts, choices, and sound reasoning.

Global Citizens 

  • Knowledge  – Be eager to acquire and practice knowledge through diligent learning, academic discipline and curiosity.
  • Excellence  – To strive to achieve international benchmarks in learning, projects, vocational training, research, internships and interfacing with institutions and industrial.
  • Innovation  – To gain a reputation for a leading engineering innovation using creativity and intelligence from students, faculty, and industrial advisers.

Team Players 

  • Collaboration  – To demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, a willingness to place the public interest above personal interests and function effectively in team situations.
  • Respect  – To develop healthy respect for others regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, educational and social background, etc.
  • Commitments  – To demonstrate a strong commitment to institutions, founders, management board vision, values, ​​and to contribute to the development of the nation and society.