The Covid-19 pandemic has not only impacted the health and economic sectors, but also the education sector. Face-to-face meetings in formal and non-formal education institutions have to be eliminated and online learning is carried out. Besides, graduates are not allowed to celebrate their graduation as usual. On Wednesday – Thursday (18 – 19 November 2020) Politeknik Enjinering Indorama held the 5th convocation of the 2019/2020 academic year on drive thru basis. The convocation was preceded by the reading of the Director’s Decree on Graduation of Politeknik Enjinering Indorama Diploma III Program by the Vice Director Mr. Widodo, S.T., M.T. The 5th Drive-Thru Convocation was inaugurated by the Director of Politeknik Enjinering Indorama, Mr. Dr. Ir. Afzeri, M.Eng, followed by remarks from the Chairman of the Yayasan Pendidikan Indorama, Mr. Shaurab Mishra. The Head of LLDIKTI, Mr. Prof. Dr. Uman Suherman A.S., M.Pd. congratulated the graduates and conveyed that the vocational education degree that will be received is an asset that will strengthen the graduates in building the nation and country. Prof. Uman hopes that the knowledge obtained from the Indorama Engineering Polytechnic will be a solution to the problems of respective discipline. Mr. Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. as Director General of Vocational Education, Ministry of Education and Culture congratulated and encouraged the graduates. He advised the graduates to be ready for all changes and challenges. Life after graduation is a real life, they can not only rely on the degrees. They must hone their competency, both hard skills and soft skills so that they become characters who are able to communicate, to become leaders, to work together, to hold presentation, to have critical thinking, and be creative.

Convocation was continued with the inauguration and degree handing over on drive-thru basis to the Electrical Engineering study program graduates on the first day, the Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering study programs on the second day. The inauguration of the graduates was initiated by the best graduates from each study program, Jun Anggara, A.Md. from Electrical Engineering study program, Idris Santoso, A.Md. from Mechanical Engineering study program and Muhammad Ridwan Arifin, A.Md. from Mechatronics Engineering Study Program. The Secretary of the Yayasan Pendidikan Indorama, Mr. Suresh Kumar, handed over the awards to the three best graduates.

Speech from the graduates was represented by Ahmad Rusmana, A.Md. and the speech from the the parents was represented by Mrs. Rimba Sri Wahyuni (mother of Dwiken Venva Mahardika, A.Md.). The drive-thru convocation went smoothly and solemnly, then ended by prayer by Mr. Feri Siswoyo, S.Pd., M.T. (RHB)