Welcome to Politeknik Enjinering Indorama!


“PT Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk. through Yayasan Pendidikan Indorama, decided to develop a world-class engineering polytechnic that would be providing an affordable high quality and industry-base education. Politeknik Enjinering Indorama (PEI) has been established as an eco-campus on a sprawling hectare site with a strategic location to the huge manufacturing facilities of Indorama Synthetics. PEI has a contemporary and well laid out design with lush landscaping and proper zoning. Students will enjoy learning in a stimulating environment that is close to the hub of the country’s industrial belt.


PEI was established with a vision to emerge as a world-class technical education institute. Our focus is to offer core engineering courses relevant to technical skills required for the industry. We offer courses in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering. Our 6-hectare green campus with world class infrastructure is situated in Purwakarta, West Jawa, Indonesia.  PEI is fully equipped and ready to provide industry focused and practical hands-on training to hone the technical skills of the students to be industry ready. Our students are selected through the campus recruitment process for employment in companies before graduation.


Our campus is located in a modern industrial complex that helps our lecturers and students to have a lot of practical training and collaboration with industry.  Various research topics related to industry needs are performed by the faculty to improve the competencies. The uniqueness of PEI is that it is facilitated by a mini factory set up on campus called Vocational Training Center for the purpose of practical training and also commercial production  of yarn.  PEI mini factory produces export quality DTY yarn with a capacity of more than 170 tons/month.


PEI has been supported by more than 50 companies and local government in providing scholarships and equipment. We also collaborate with various national and international universities to support the progress of vocational education. Through intense collaboration, we support business and industry in adopting technology, increasing productivity, and accelerating innovation based on technology for industry 4.0. This partnership is also filled with contribution to improve the faculty’s capacity and to maintain education and training that is relevant to the domestic and overseas industry.


PEI provides the dynamic curriculum with experience enriching knowledge for the students and developing it into becoming graduates who are industry-ready. Let’s join PEI to contribute towards the aspiration of developing the country by advancing science and technology. 



Dr. Ir. Afzeri M.Eng