PURWAKARTA – Kemenristekdikti has eliminated regulations that impede the development of higher education, so that vocational education to be increasingly valued by the public and industry nationally.

One of the efforts made is that the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education has made a portrait or accreditation instrument that is suitable for the actual purpose of the polytechnic, namely to provide graduates who are ready to be absorbed by industry. In this case Kemenristekdikti is collaborating with BAN-PT. Currently, to carry out polytechnic accreditation, the polytechnic instrument itself has been used, whereas previously it used university instruments.

That was an important point delivered by the Director General of Science, Technology, and Higher Education Institution of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Patdono Suwignjo when delivering his remarks at the 3rd batch Graduation Ceremony of the Diploma III of Politeknik Enjinering Indorama (PEI) in Purwakarta, Saturday, November 3rd, 2018.

Patdono also acknowledged that government had long ignored polytechnics, so that society and industry valued more to academic education and bachelor degrees more rather than vocational education.

“We carry big homework, it is how to change the mindset of our society to appreciate the polytechnic better, especially in the industry. If the industry does not appreciate polytechnics more, then polytechnics will not develop,” said Patdono.

Not only accreditation has been adapted to the needs of the industry, a multi-entry multi-exit program (MEME) allows polytechnic students to also get a greater chance to work in the industry, even before the student graduates.

Through this program, students can also immediately work after at least two years of college and if after that the student has time then he can pursue his studies further.

“The discharge may be at the end of the second, third or fourth year. If the students leave and will not continue to D3, D4 and think that D2 itself enough, then polytechnic without being asked must give a D2 diploma,” Patdono said.

Students who already have D2 diploma and let’s say later pursue his/her study and able to manage between working and studying time then they must be allowed. “After the curriculum is completed he can continue to do D3. After completing D3 he gets a job, he can leave, then the polytechnic must give D3 diploma, “Patdono continued.