PEI Career & Placement Center ensure the students are groomed with soft skill training and prepared for taking up professional career in industry in their specialized skills. The placement services ensure that our students are employed in the industry even before graduation.

The career guidance services help students to identify their career interest and provide with career orientation guidance.  Career Guidance includes; orientation program on career, grooming and preparing students to face selection process in the industry.

Career and Placement Center coordinates with companies for campus recruitment process to employ our students before graduation.  We had been very successful in terms of placing most of our students for every batch in reputed National and Multinational companies. Our students are performing extremely well in the companies they are employed,  Hence these companies regularly visit us for the campus recruitment to employ our students.

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Flowchart of Career Center

Job Application Procedure for PEI Alumni

  1. PEI publishes job vacancies given by companies for our alumni.
  2. The alumni view job vacancies on official website or on the campus bulletin board.
  3. While applying for job, alumni needs to mention the source of information or reference from PEI Career Center.
  4. It is important for the alumni to update the Career Center on the status of selection process which would help us coordinate with the companies.
  5. Career Center provides career growth services for Alumni free of cost without any fees or compensation.

Industrial Era 4.0 provides greater opportunities for employees to achieve better competency. PEI has been authorized by BNSP (National Board for Profession Certification) as a certified center to assess Working Competency Certification Program (PSKK) under the Indonesian National Working Competency Scheme (SKKNI). Our lecturers have been certified to be the assessor of the certification.  The program was exclusively designed for final year students in 6th semester from all discipline. Not only the students, employees can also attend the program as work requirements and achievement of individual competency. The certification program is focused on providing training, evaluation, and competency certificate for :

  • cooling/AC maintenance
  • level 3 milling work
  • 3D CAD drawing
  • PLC automation
  • industrial electrical maintenance
  • SMAW welding
  • CNC programming
  • material tester
  • refrigeration technicians.

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