The Indonesian Food and Drug Authority or Badan POM has published an e-book entitled “Serba COVID, Cegah COVID-19 Sehat untuk Semua” (All About COVID, Prevent COVID-19, Health for All) as one of its responds in facing COVID-19 outbreak.

Since Corona Virus Disease 2019 was announced by the World Health Organization, all of the countries has been paying attention to prevent and overcome COVID-19. Until 22 March 2020, COVID-19 has been spreading worldwide by 332.557 confirmed cases and more than 13.000 death. At 2 March 2020 The President of Indonesia has confirmed first Coronavirus case that is increasing day by day. Sticking to this fact it will require contributions from all elements of the community such as the government, private sector, and society. COVID-19 outbreak spreads faster and causes the supply shortages of some crucial medical supplies including the medicine to prevent COVID-19. The Indonesian government has put out Presidential Decrees No. 9/2020 to create a task force in the acceleration of COVID-19 Handling so that it can provide donation and essential medical supplies including import medicines to cure COVID-19 also known as therapeutic drugs.

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