PURWAKARTA – Getting a job before graduation for every student is PEI’s target . Support is provided through the Career Center unit formed to provide debriefing to prospective graduates in facing job selection and bridging to bring companies to campus for the recruitment process. Currently most of the graduates have been working in various industries. The students are required to be able to get good knowledge and master the required skills.

One of these skills was realized in implementation of final project, such as a micro-hydro power project that can be benefited by the community. Besides, there were some final projects that passed competitions in district and provincial level and competed at the national level as well.

For more than five years, PEI has been actively developing itself by improving the curriculum and cooperation to ensure the quality of learning that can always be in accordance with technological developments in the industry.

Institutional development is also carried out with the preparation of a new vocational study program in information technology field namely D4 Software Engineering study program. Its curriculum is adapted to technology for industrial use.